En dit was echt de beste foto die ze konden vinden...
Oops, there are a few more people at our "small" meeting than I anticipated
Surprise guest at #fmt
A nice and quiet afternoon at the office
Champagne, strawberries, Jameson and a nightclub called little bordello. Must be an Irish startup conference
@jeejvd reeds rock bottom, maar met groot genoegen
@Nalden hij stond er nog...
German trains :-)
@NALDEN  you have to get that ego under control, right now!
Playing trivial pursuit on iphone... #batavia
De juiste stropdassen #mjwedding /cc @markies @timanrebel
Bride & sister #mjwedding
Guess my fake-it-you-make-it date #mjwedding
Het ja woord (video) - #mjwedding
A Real Dress... #mjwedding
Het bruidspaar #mjwedding
Guess I have to be the adult today #mjwedding
Dinner time with the animals
BBQ voor brakke mensen
There is after all only one remedy
Wow is the only appropriate word for a hotel room at the W in Barcelona
@mathys oops!
De bruidegom #vrijvoetsig
The engine room #vrijvoetsig

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