@LilRedScientist  @leckadams here is my work bestie with our No-Peekie mask!
When an employee tells you that they start work at 7:30 every day...but are never there when you start at 7:45....
I'm a greeter at this tournament so I'm super friendly today. I'm Tour Guide Barbie
@KMWarchol I know what you mean, I'm too chicken. And now I NEED this phone but will have to get a clear case
Apple came out with a Product(Red) iPhone 7!!! ❤️ ❤️ and YES I am buying this asap
Today's B1ue Apr0n meal was penne & arrabiata sauce = 👎🏾👎🏼. The roasted carrot & tangelo salad = 👍🏼👍🏼
Perfect addition to my purse #sortinghat
Gryffindor hat love
The only proof I've ever needed to know T would be a terrible president is this stupid ass hat. Nope.
@EmDempster second is this
@EmDempster yes I have seen 2: first is this (any color options)
@KMWarchol and now I want to watch Nancy Drew again!
@tuesdaymidnight ahaha! Well my 10th recent pic is this so I suppose I'm doomed?
I'm loving my leggings today, they are so cute! Carly + Leggings + cute booties. I feel slightly put together.
@Sally__Thorne it's so heavy in my wimpy hand! (Paintball has me LMAO and MrSuper is all, what's so funny?)
I decided on a fun outfit for Monday morning! Maybe this will help my mood a bit #mondaymorningblues
Why do SOME people revert to calling females "stupid bitch"? It's so lazy and makes you look like a complete jerk.
Headphones in, tea nearby, and I'm rereading The Hating Game. It's ME time!
@leckadams @LilRedScientist oops I did it again... #LLR
@MsNinis this without the rat (he wants me to get it with the rattie)  and maybe a diff font. But where to get it
@KMWarchol hahahahaha!!! I love it
Well I know I would fail as a florist. It's regular joe cute but not "OMG I'll pay money" cute (For my team)
@leckadams @LilRedScientist and then I made the bows cuter:
@leckadams @LilRedScientist first pass on the vase:

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