@tuesdaymidnight I got "the sensible friend" πŸ™„ and then I read it and I guess that's me πŸ€—
Gorgeous weather, I may be a bit sunburnt. So pretty and now I'm chilling at the dock 🚀
Mini's NYC painting from my mamma πŸ’žπŸ—½ (she went with the blue version)
I'm at the boat with Mini!!
Took a Facebook quiz and I'm 42% Gryffindor, 21% Hufflepuff, 19% Ravenclaw and 18% Slytherin. About right I suppose.
My mom painted this NYC pic for Mini!
Twenty years ago the most popular book in history came out and I didn't even realize how my life would change. #HarryPotter20
So boating update. Put-In-Bay was amazing for so many reasons truly was a grand adventure!!! B-Dock is lit
when your boat breaks down while driving home and you're towed by a tow boat but you still rock your Carly/leggings:
Pool bars man. We saw kids with braces. Were they even 21?!!
Fuuuck pool bar #3.
Just imagine what the front of his towel looked like. Him: "it was custom drawn to size" (It was pretty detailed)
OMG the mayflies were so disgusting we all went to bed. 

But our dock was LIT tonight. πŸ”₯πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰
It'll be pouring ALL DAY and I've no rain coat. Totally forgot to pack that important item.
Dangggg a stranger things loot crate. #lit
Me Super is ready for bed but I'm still going strong. Wednesday. What's to happen next?
Listen, when you are chillin at the boat at 7:30 you an old lady
@BuddhaPhi I haven't seen bathroom pics lately so this is for you
We have arrived!
Been driving for one hour now. I can see Put-In-Bay but idk how far away it is. Water is tricky like that
Our guest bed is ready with our octopus πŸ™ party hats!!
@MESalisbury yayyy! I love this movie!
3 days of work then I'm on vaaaacation!!! Put-In-Bay here we come!
Finished with family dinner at my in-laws so we stopped at the boat on the way home. It's a lovely evening!

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