My next shoe:
It's overcast and the river is all churned up, but... I'm on a boat!
It's somewhat lovely and amazing having a whole day to do what I want to. Updated my #HP shadow box shelf just now.
A little flair for my cute red ride! #hogwarts #always
Saw this and it's so so true! Do what you love. I love my job πŸ’ž
I've been at volleyball from 7:30am - 9:00pm and my girls team won GOLD in the platinum division!!!
Veggie break for the nurses in my office. Happy Nurses Week to all of you out there  πŸ’ž
@NelsonSmandela fucking hell I just read the announcement:
T's eyes freak me the fuck out. I mean, in general he makes my skin craw but DUDE FIX YOUR DAMN EYES OK?!
I got this email at work. I want to vomit. Does Seema Verma actually believe this? #propaganda
Today's socks! #fightlikeagirl
@LilRedScientist cute thank you gift idea!!!
Things are looking ship shape on #thebounty βš“οΈ 🚀
I did not turn off my computer or close any applications. It isn't supposed to look like this! 😑😩😰😭
Happy birthday to meeee!!! (Several months early)
Cleaning the insides of #thebounty and suddenly remembering why it's my favorite place in the world
@Sally__Thorne YES! I adore that movie!! #rickybaker🎢
What do you buy when you go on vacation? Mini & I buy tea of course. #tea #always
Walked past this shop & MIL said "look Mini, bikinis, want to go inside & look around?" She legit had no idea
Waking up super early sucks but I don't mind it at all on vacation
Keyyyyy West bitches!!!
In the past two weeks I've had two coworkers compliment me for my FB profile pic πŸ’ž Yay I'm not alone!
At the house! #goblue 🏐🏐🏐
Even if it's a terrible remake I will not leave the car until it ends. Monday's don't always suck!

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