@tuesdaymidnight for some reason I thought of you
@leckadams @LilRedScientist the leggings I won ... not exactly my style but I guess since they were free
There are files in corner of my desk under a picture. It's been at least a year, I have no idea what they are.
@amethystjackson that's a lovely mental image :(
L'il Man keeping his dirty dishes and garbage organized nice and neat?
Thank you  @johngreen for that simple explanation
Thank you  @johngreen for that simple explanation
Oh my goodness:
This is, by far, my favorite valentines photo in 2017. 
He is L'il Mans very favorite pooh character
Happy Valentine's Day for anyone who celebrates. #loveisloveislove
Edwin, regal protector of my bed!
@leckadams @LilRedScientist and the calendar portion:
@leckadams  @LilRedScientist February:
Need to add the ramps and the front door but our rat condo is basically finished! This baby is high end!
MrSupers cosplay at the boat show 🤣🚤🛥⛵️🛶
If you're about to buy a $660,000 boat, you're not going to wait in line at the boat show to do it. #saleprice
@leckadams I'm ready to read this whenever you can get it
Keenan T as Steve H on family feud plugging T: 
"Trump ties...ties so low they put a little tickle in your pickle"
I mean honestly Melissa McCarthy is 🔥!!!
Perfect  @fardareismai2 
You can't force someone to be open to other possible points of view, even if you are.
Also watching this video because these two adorable guys just look too damn excited already #youtuberabbithole
How I imagine my new glasses will look on me:
@KMWarchol almost twins:
I've received an invite to go with a work team to a local baseball game this summer as thanks for all we do...  me:

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