Windows 10 preview insane disk activity. Any ideas?
Windows 10 preview insane disk activity. Any ideas?
Anyone using the latest Evernote on iPhone? Only seeing headers for notes and not content. Any ideas?
Any way to prevent this confirmation dialogue when cancelling out if a tweet in #twittelator for iOS?
Maybe I'm being too critical of iPhone4 battery life. Thoughts on today's usage? Mixed bag, calls, gaming, net?
Here we go again! #sgs2
Anyone got or thinking of getting one of these from Virginmedia? What does it give me over v+ ?
Ahhhhh :)
Wtf is this? Think we just travelled through a time portal! As if he'd fit in that!
Home for the next few days but my God it's cold in this caravan! Never known one like it :(
One of my fave gadgets from the past. Look at the price!!
Still trying to work out the cause of the (!) to the right of the clock in #gravity ... Anyone?
Here's the exclamation mark top right next to the time. What's it mean in #gravity? Anyone?
Anyone know what's causing this error on my Win7 32bit machine? It's right at the end of an install.
Thoughts on this anyone? HDD shot or just recovery image corrupt? Bloody techguys crap!
Err, this can't be good! Any ideas?
Hyundai S Coupe I am looking for a good home for is this model, although this is not the exact car...
Enjoying a nice bank holiday walk out with the family :)
Lessons in laying turf ... Oops!
Actually MEANT to post this pic of the weekend away - a view in the opposite direction :)
Enjoyable and relaxing long weekend - much needed! :)
- Health and safety at its best!
- Just drilled a hole in my Nokia 5800 to improve camera quality and its worked a treat!

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