I thought picking nailpolish out at 1am was a dream
@HamiltonPug pee, water, eyedrops, bed #pugchat
@HamiltonPug Raven has never needed a coat #PugChat #californiaproblems
@HamiltonPug A1 go pee in the rain. Waiting to see the poop strike responses #pugchat
@fragilebyrd I’m using this now. I really like its staying power. I think it’s the clay
@fragilebyrd I’ve heard good stuff about
@rosepants I can see you wearing this #crazycatlady
@TheStylishBisou you might find this useful
Happy birthday #DollyParton listening to my fave song by her #Jolene
All my dogs are just big babies
This should be interesting @ForiaPleasure
The only flowers I’m interested in
@Stonermoog addicted
Where’s the cheap gas? Not here #gasrape #californiaproblems
@bumblesnot enjoying your calendar #pugs
Also heard this would be good for boob sweat! #Lush
First time seeing hundred dollar polish in person #Louboutin
Dying #pug by @chameleonusa
Am I the only one that has a problem with this being a target at the gun range? Sick #MAFS
@NaturalBalance spooning #pug #bostonterrier
@jessejane is this him? You know we’re all googling him lol
Had a great time in #SF for the live @StoneySunday broadcast. Thanks for having me! @CoralReefer420
@CoralReefer420 I need a rasta fishy! @ReeferGlass19 #stoneysunday

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