@stinkerswinkers @ItsMeDeaner @ginacuccu @Catteam65 @Charliechipscat @jen_williams hatched dis guy today.
@GeorgeTheDuck @lucky_GSD we gots a lil beach scene since H1 iz away at da beach sortin bricks right now #nipclub
@ZackRabbit @buildabear @ItsMeDeaner @EdgardaKitty pew pew pew. Set to stun!
@ZackRabbit @buildabear @ItsMeDeaner dat @edgardakitty absolutely mist haz Redshirt n phaser. Pew pew pew.
Human2 n I finished da #LEGO Mona Lisa we were making for Human1. @ZackRabbit @ItsMeDeaner @stinkerswinkers
All these comfy beds and blankies and I have to sleep in my @Chewy box.
@Chewy will do but can we put dis size box with lots of paper in my account so all orders come like dis?
I found a sun puddle n sisfur monster Phoebe tryin to but in.
Herz doin ok scared but ok in safe care of one by one @DashKitten @Redcorvin @meowmeowmans
Looky at dis cute kitten named Waldo! Looks like sum1 we all lub. Hims needs a furever home. Available @OnebyOneInc
Hangin wif da sisfurs watchin birdies!
@GeorgeTheDuck i haz sumfin dat belongs to u!
Da walkie iz happening donate at www.boriskitty.com
Doz dis look like da guy dat just tripped Human2 in da kitchen?
So wot kind of spider iz dis? We haz dem all around out house. *shivers*
I tried to keep human2 home from werks today. I not let herz out da door. But it not werked.
Who invited dis here sisfur monster into my selfie? Back off u!
@busybuttons u can see ur donations in dis pikshur of da pile of goodies at BINGO
Fing iz i wuz sittin like dis wunnerin wot human2 wuz up to fur like ten minutes! Im a silly boy. MOL
Nite nite everybuddy. Off to dream of my noms!
I sneaked out when h2 comed home!
I haz a sad cause of all da trubble u gives me @Chewy i did not even wanna get in da box dis time! Just mopin on it.
Keepin a look out fur dat lil orange tabby kitten we had on r porch da utter nite.

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