Holy flood! The Platte is rising.
Adult skate.
Flash flood!
Saw the coolest sphinx moth. Eats like a hummingbird.
Little @roccostar would not get up for school.
Anyone ever hear of a cat that pees in sinks? It's hard to be mad about the efficiency of it all.
My boyfriend is a badass.
Heading to the holiday party in the coolest cab ever! Cabbie is playing drums while driving to the jazz he is blasting. Amazeballs.
Knicker please! Just don't call them Capri pants.
I made this for my pigeon neighbors. They can't read, so they think it's cool. #stupidpigeons
@NicoleSullivan my zucchini!!
Is it racist that I call this kid, Napoleon DYN-O-MITE?
You can see the Boulder fire from Denver! (not a great shot)
Two free leather couches; they look like this. Come get them this weekend or they go to Goodwill.
A boat on a boat! Saying goodbye to the little sail boats.
Return to sender...
We have a visitor for the weekend! Say hello to Bella.
Here's why working at home is so ... cozy. 

Yes, that's my lap.
The Denver sky is green. Ternada weather, I reckn'.
Ooops, wrong pic. Here's my burns:
I burned myself on my arm. It doesn't look so good...
This rain is awesome!
I've got a passed-out bum on my stoop!

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