♬ '1, 2, 3, 4' - Plain White Ts ♪
♬ ''Di Na Mababawi' - Sponge Cola ♪
The scene at VJ's wedding. ♥
Luvin' my netbook! Am I ready to give up my laptop and pc?! Nehhh! I think i'l keep 'em all! ☺ ☮ ☼
@Jon4Lakers in degree celcius. ☁ ☼ ☮
My friends balot about 18 days old.u can see the duck is a bit developd & with hairs.Not really my kind of balot.☺
Having Balot! - 14 days old duck egg at Boulevard. Yumm! Hahaha!
Mini speakers i barrowed frm a friend 4 some iPhone sound trippin'.Nice sound quality for very small speakers.
A hundred tweets to check before the year ends! ☺
Zamboanga City Hall (long exposure shot)
Paseo Del Mar last nyt...Its actually full of people.Its jst that iphone cam sux so u cnt really tell.luv d lyts!
Having wat i was craving for yesterday! Too bad no choco, i guess pineapple jus wud do... Nomnom! ♨ ☺ ☼ ☁
Ateneo Fiesta Fireworks!!! iPhone Cam SUX!!!
At Ateneo. Is this my calling? Wakekeke! ☺☮☯
This is nice... ☁ ☼ ♪ ☮ ☺
A scenic mountain view of a place near Pagadian City. This was on top of a mountain and has a 360 degrees view.
Food for the soul! Thanks Chris! Happy Birthday!!!
Eating shawarma from WMSU! yumm! ☺ ♨ ☼
To compensate. Haha! (;
Going out later afternoon for a photoshoot. My new model...hehe ;)
Eating fries with sundae. Dipping fries on the sundae...hehe..
Yipee! Jst got my package from extremedeals!!! Hooya! ;)
At Tetuan Church. Rea's Wedding.   
At Rea's Wedding Reception. Congrats!!! 

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