Windows down on the freeway conversations.
@bhockeyjesus has anyone ever called you a black ho?
As last cliche, as I'd hate to disappoint. A cat. My cat. My CUTE CAT!
I'm not a creepy girlfriend at all.
These ruined my night in more ways than one. Kinda worth it.
The amount of dandruff that you can't see in this picture is astounding. Least favorite thing about the weather change.
Why didn't anyone tell me that voice is so obnoxious?
Awwww adorable thb before he chopped all his hair off. I'm going to learn to edit this 5 minute video. SOON!
@jesserker fuuuck I miss my Nester. He's currently harrassing the new roommate at my old house. Hug your korat for me.
Someone got a new phone because someone may have thrown a tantrum or two about shitty old phone and missed calls.
I went with fudge and a homemade amumu card. Note the bubble wrap instead of tissue paper. #iknowwhatguyswant
My hillbilly gamer teaching Andy a good Teemo build for league of legends.
thb: See I love you, I've never cooked anyone breakfast at 2am. me: You've just never dated a fat girl.
@That_Girl_Jenn he's a cowboy :)
@That_Girl_Jenn the hillbilly and I made a video just tonight eating jalapeƱos. I might post it on my new blog. Maybe.
My liberal cowboy.
@Jolene512 there there.
And this.
One handed pictures are hard to take. I now have 10 photos like this in my phone.
I'm taking it like a champ.
15 seconds of sounds of a robot reading the captcha that I couldn't make out. Is this fucking serious?
thb practicing his creature of Walmart look. It, uh, worked.
But bedroom, I heart you.
Kitchen/living room - you could use some love.

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