Bellimpian planet is protected by bronilla staff was turned to building before blue bell detonates
once jagias killed bronilla the former olympian the entirely bellimpian planet begins to die and will exploded
when lapis lazuli hears about rags mouth is open she sense super robot wars original generation females
Rags found the last one is the super hostile generator appears by destroying the 49 rests same apart the last one is super
Jagias a torbernite person female found putine the frigost elf as reached the end king groniuls is preparing to arena
once the last 4 hostile generators remaining destroyed there one left when shield is disabled
Elisanne arrived on bell miners she found the real caused it was bronilla the former olympian as refused by songarita for million years
bumper the badger started on nordland oddholmen is northern there grandpa tommy house located in norwegian zone
Elisanne is ready to beat bronilla the former olympian as caused the majority breaking the laws of the olympians
Helmet camera got chased by yellow small poodle behind of her as apart of blue straggler star super robot wars original generation
Jagias a torbernite person female saved maiden roinoa from seductor she found is ultimate goddess unleashed form going to get the blue straggler star
she found the most collected the super robot wars original generation females still moving
once lanie lonechan needed training in mercury transforming into savior goddess state as succeded
rags heared all princesses now hates bronilla the former olympian broke the laws once completed will appears
once aqua centrum and rags confronts the fire hydrant contains gallons of water container when collected again
once she going to space again when is exploring similar to super robot wars original generation
Jagias a torbernite person female ultimate goddess unleashed appears tries to obliterate the blue straggler
once succeded marcus the badger uses gel for nalissa vosnin the wife of eldest brother tommy
Fionetta moses looks angry against bronilla the former olympian revealed the creation of bell miners impregnating ellis
bronilla broke the olympian laws preparing to sentence to death in tellurium box as caused majority damage too
Selan musette running away from bell troops in miners on universe 955 goddess ellis is impregnated by bronilla
she found bumper was formerly lived on ferris planet fell to oddholmen small island found by grandpa tommy the badger
aqua centrum picked a forcefield needle after the defeat before throws into the hostile generator
once she found rolf caused the rampage against the oil rigs until becoming sealed by queen gigi apart it

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yango thunder

Nordland sleipnesodden

yes it was bumper the badger lived on norway nordland sleipnesodden hill


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