Getting inspiration back :-)
May you rest in piece Jeff Gord
Artwork Drawing tribute will follow when my health is better
I started slowly to draw again
Today i started drawing again to eas the pain
And In the style i do the best :-)
Great thanks to Ella Kros
Small painting commision piece  i am verry happy with the result :-)
New Pinup Art fantasy corset drawing in BIC Ballpoint :-)
Great thanks to @DitaVonTeese
New Fetish Highheels drawing in BIC Ballpoint ;-)
New BIC ballpoint fetish masterpiece :-)
Having fun with my BIC Ballpoint before going to work :-)
Having fun with BIC Ballpoint today :-)
Boundcon 2012 masterpiece in BiG Ballpoint :-)
Fantasy Rope Geisha in Bykonijnart style :-)
Oh Woww My mini paintings are looking amazing framed :-)
@marliesdekkers special victorian painting is ready i hope you wil like it :-)
I can sent it to you in a big file
Familie Portret Finnisched in bykonijnart style
i am verry happy with the result
Yes worked again 2 hours on the hairs with my fineliner ;-)
Step 4  Familie portret yes i can do Photo Real also in Bykonijnart style :-)
Ballpoint killerwhales ready :-)
This happens with a ballpoint when i get suddenly inspired :-)
First new 2013 drawing ready oh yes Rope Art in Bykonijnart style :-)
New first amazing drawing 2013 in progress :-)
New drawing bykonijnart style ;-)
New drawing in progress. :-)
Working on some verry nice Fantasy art :-)

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