there the team universe 313 the dwarfs grumpy bashful fool sleepy dopey happy scarecrow robin hood other team 126 troenus his rider gorgin remy johan a tiny chest bernie a emerald chest roy the horse chest jon the largest purple chest and tobias the small red chest
there the team universe 912 the cups called molin riding a surf barter the hover cup benito the largest cup clyde the bended glasses cup ben the tiny cup morgus with hat cup norman the normal cup and mortex the flat glasses cup the god called molbah
There their team universe 355 there green helmet lamia loveless the rider excellen browning seolla schweizer kusuha mizuha aqua centrum kaguya nambu aya kobayashi and ryune zoldark too
there the their universe 253 griags tiny solanium blonde nelson rotusus steel voltisune mort the duck doulage the rude dog od odd and oddy
there the our team universe a when appears in tournament arena is mesonia putine rosie malrigan sernalla her mother regiss nalissa vosnin younger sister majo and solanium mutant nisella vasetta
there nisella vasetta a solanium mutant appeared on alpha gernin 28 planet put ranella safe in sauna before meolinna notices about minugos and morlus golleana 11 planet miss rosetta ronelkins
then bumper the badger knocked down a solanium mutant called nisella vasetta after sheila sternwell ride there diddy kong racing standing
then nalissa vosnin 5 de mayo dress is ruined because the solanium mutant appeared in sleipnes village far of sleipnesodden tranvollen nordgarden norway including oddholmen
the 5th sub boss vania ferris carol eldest sister is defeated by nisella vasetta prevented from reaching once milly keena is on sleipnes far of sleipnesodden tranvollen norway nordgarden oddholmen nordland too
once rags discovered more planetary as made the end of collecting the rests others too
behold world pro tennis 98 is finally complete can now use as aero dive vandal hearts too
Vania ferris the eldest sister of carol as made the planets in other galaxy known as clusters nebulas including telikozoic nekrozoic eon as never seen harsh
Once found ursae barila 22b there the fake red beryl pyramid spectrum sernalla placed it a glass person olympian hybrid appeared
ms sea diamond the sunk of 5 april 2007 after 14 years of sinking located on santorini greece celebration apart
Carol ferris eldest sister vania must killed it see reaching her younger sis only nisella vasetta must kill vania ferris
Vania ferris is the eldest sister of carol ferris as 5th boss vania is evil solanium neutron tries to detonate it reaches carol ferris
Once rags found relen ceti 19 planet after trident is disabled elvinesus vosin 32 ruler is marselia boinsus mellunus lon 24 ruler soenia lovanna
Pamela robeson slices valfrin crown in half cause he dies for good saving sernalla life in the process
Nisella vasetta found the valfrin olympian vest confuses for carol ferris prepares another battle
Quackmore ronald duck tries to reach trondheim back to home but failed stopped by bumper mother anna hoillus and knocked out by grandpa tommy the badger ends of route of hommelvik
once she discovered more exoplanets as appearance like the rests of others will seduce mesonia
Once onslaught nisella vasetta appears front of bumper the badger before club kio arrives the lookout looking the black square pyramid spectrum
on norway map donald duck throws bumper up away to distract anna hoillus the bungirot mother he is stopped by anna the route of hommelvik
once she appears on ursae barila 22a resembling the earth planet apart

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yes bumper the badger stands on norway sleipnesodden


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