Happy (snowy) Halloween!
Another great Text for APP example spotted on the NJT Dover train this evening.
Great example of mobile best practices, adding an SMS keyword to a QR Code. No phone left behind!
Um, yep, mobile has arrived.
我正在听 ♬ '知己知彼 / Know Thyself (Europe Mix)' - 王菲 - Faye Wong ♪ #nowplaying ☯
My kind of town!
My kind of town!
Happy Easter
私は聞いている♬ 'Come Again' - m-flo ♪ YouTube / wloglobal / Faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT
NJ Transit using QR Code to drive to mobile departure board info from ticketing kiosks. Very cool, but persistent QR Code would be even better.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
私は聞いている♬ 'ただ、ありがとう However, Thanks' - MONKEY MAJIK ♪ YouTube/wloglobal/faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT ☮
私は聞いている ♬ '転がる岩、君に朝が降る The rock which rolls, morning falls on you' ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION http://bit.ly/jMGdT
私は聞いている ♬ 'Keep Tryin 勇往直前 / 宇多田ヒカル - Utada Hikaru ♪ #nowplaying wloglobal YouTube http://bit.ly/jMGdT ♨
I dare you to go scan the QR Code on this ad.
私は聞いている ♬ 'Rescue Me ~君がいたから~' - mink ♪ #nowplaying YouTube/wloglobal/faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT ☢
我正在听 ♬ '人兒呀 / People, People' 甜梅号 / Sugar Plum Ferry ♪ #nowplaying YouTube/wloglobal/faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT
The NFL.com/mvp site just promoted on air as working on your mobile device does't work on iPad #NFLfail
我正在听 ♬ '红色 - Red' - 卡奇社 - Carrchy ♪ #nowplaying #cpop YouTube/wloglobal/faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT
'Shine More' by 安室奈美uro was used in the soundtrack of tonight's episode Real Housewives of Bevely Hills.
我正在听 ♬ '低科技之歌 - Low-Tech Song' - 王菀之 - Ivana Wang ♪ #nowplaying #cpop YouTube/wloglobal/Faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT
Bad QR Codes #2
我正在听 ♬ '第二十八个影子 The 28th Shadow' - P.K.14 ♪ live @ MAO #nowplaying YouTube/wloglobal/Faves http://bit.ly/jMGdT 
QR Codes at the Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh

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