News: Happy 2013

Written by Mathys van Abbe on December 28th 2012 at 19:13 CET.

Thanks for a great year!

We had many adventures and want to thank you for letting us help you share yours using Mobypicture.

We’d like to give you some insights into the most memorable moments you’ve shared this year. Sharing these adventures help you capture them and that enables you to relive these precious moments.

Your New Years Card
Our New Years card shows the five most viewed adventures, five most visited places and pictures of your three most mentioned friends.

You can find my card here and I’ll tell you the stories behind the numbers.

Click on the link above and change the username to see your own New Years card![yourusername]/bestof2012

My 2012 adventures in more detail
In total I’ve shared 2,080 Mobys in 2013, that’s an average of 5.7 a day. I have received 121 comments and the postings aggregated 993,307 views on the Mobypicture platform! That’s an average of 478 views per Moby.

I’ve have shared pictures from 54 places this year! And friends have mentioned me 149 times in their postings.

My five most viewed Mobys were:

1. 9354 views, 131 retweets

“Ikea, even snel dat nieuwe kastje in elkaar rammen…”
(this is a referral to the Dutch kickboxer, with the Swedisch name :) going to trial for using his fighting skills outside of the ring)
posted using Mobypicture email

2. 6286 views, 175 retweets

“verzin een onderschrift bij deze #fail :”
(what do you think should be the description to this failed packaging? The playmobil depicts a typical Dutch holiday, Sinterklaas, but the title suggests it is about Christmas…)
posted using Instagram

3. 5585 views

#Irene vs #Sandy
(Satellite imagery by Nasa, showing the difference in size between last years’ Irene and this years’ Sandy hurricanes storming towards the US East coast)
posted using Mobypicture for Desktop

4. 4589 views

“soon in a school near you cc Gers Pardoel and Winston Bergwijn
(Announcement of a MobyNow platform for a national IT recycling campaign, using famous Dutch social influencers from the hip hop scene.)
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5. 3400 views

“ja, kijk maar! Lize Korpershoek doet het met Matthijs”
(Our friend Lize was on the most popular Dutch TV show talking about the web phenomenon Kakhiel, for whom we’re launching a Tag The Love platform in the beginning of 2013. On Twitter everybody was talking about Lize and het alleged secret relationship with the host, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. This wink of course is the hard proof of that and went viral instantly. :) )
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We calculated the number of places you’ve visited and selected your five hotspots!
According to my postings, I’ve been to 54 different places this year.

My hotspots were:
1. Amsterdam 846 mobys
(my hometown)

2. London79 mobys
(we were there for the Olympics and the Holland Heineken House)

3. Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia 40 postings
(chilling out, not too shabby)

4. Schouwen-Duiveland38 mobys
(I spent a nice weekend with Sophie and the kids there)

5. Almancil, Portugal26 mobys
(recovering there after my back surgery in the beginning of the year)

The people you mention the most are your best friends right? Let’s see what that brings me:

I’ve mentioned Claqueur 103 times in my postings. Here, she’s on TV:

Boris comes in second. He normally doesn’t like second place, but I think in this case it is not that bad. I mentioned him 34 times. I like this posting: The Internet Serial Entrepreneur running around in number 404.

Bram is my 3rd BFF I mentioned him 26 times. Here we are testing the webcam uploads, he still had hair at that time.

Please tell us the stories behind your year in the comments, that is inspiring for all of us and lets you reminisce 2012.

We wish you a great 2013!

The Moby Team