So we can't cross a road cause a bigwig is passing thru. Nkt @ them presidentialentourage
Square cupcakes become buns I guess... Now. Shall I decorate or not...hmm.
What happens when you bake cupcakes in a square tin? Let's wait and see...
Ok. Had to get the cat to sit on my lap... So adorable! And so fat! #NikoNaSafaricomLive
#NikoNaSafaricomLive @ Carnivore
Friendly kitty @ Oilibya Parklands...reminds me of Jojo.
Lady sitting infront of me believes... #ABillionReasons
Today I'm wearing local brands... My new @ChilliMangoKE hoodie and a @PeperukaWorld tee. #BuyKenyan :-)
Someone is demanding a bath... #Jojo's antics
#BrotherColm should be honored by Kenya, making champions out of our athletes.
#Sarabi sounding fab! #OneandOnly
Lol. Spotted on an potted plant in the office
The best concert tickets are the ones that end up as even better bookmarks :-) cc @AaronRimbui
@Nafterli Here's how to unlock that...
That said... I had alesso for lunch. Who can send me a recipe?
Cat on a tree... I think Jojo is spying on the neighbors... Cc @LaylaLestrange @swambi @theranchergirl
Heard it's your birthday @Ramah_Nyang. Have a great day.
Souvenior from Tigoni...
Wharrarthese? 'Body by Nokia Fab'? Cc @Mwirigi @Oyolla
Curiosity killed the cat. In this instance, it might flush Jojo down the loo.
Heading to town via #ValleyRd? Forgerrabourrit. #TrafficWatch @984inthemorning
#StreetBookStore on the corner of GPO and Kenyatta Ave.3 for 250/- @Wamathai @ndinda_ @Woozie_M @MoNahwi
Traffic on Valley Rd. If yr going to town on this route, yr screwed. #Trafficwatch @984inthemorning
And this is what remained of the chapo.... Lol.

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