@Trina_Stewart He's so gracious!
@Trina_Stewart GB!!
@Trina_Stewart he was practically in my lap, lol! True story.
@Trina_Stewart my friend's son (she came to olc with me), they had an amazing encounter!
@Trina_Stewart further away
@Trina_Stewart so close, camera wouldn't focus! I was at front and mob behind me, he asked if I was ok.. I stand 5'3, lol.
@Trina_Stewart great run ins with GC, U2, GR, RF, JC... will tweet photos.
@Trina_Stewart Evening... Got the tix before the 2nd show was added.
Yes! So excited especially after last night's #lifeclass. Let the countdown begin! #OinTO  @OWNCanada @OWNTV @oprah
Yes! So excited especially after last night's #lifeclass. Let the countdown begin! #OinTO  @OWNCanada @OWNTV @oprah
@TheBloggess You might like this store in London. Visiting from Canada & came across it. Saw Doctor Who items, thought of you!
Took a #Vienna Sightseeing tour to #Budapest via #Viator. Highly recommend the Danu Bella #Danube river cruise for your "free time".
Europe for 18 days w/#onebag (4 outfits). In the YYZ ML lounge, I C another. Layer/coordinate is key. Carry on FTW.
We had a lil Oscars Party w/a red carpet & 1920s Paris theme. Here's Dylan on the carpet. He also did interviews. :)
Academy Awards drinking game hahaha. Wish I could remember where I found it online.
I forgot about our categories for our grocery list app. I may or may not have had something to do with it. #eviltwin
So looking forward to seeing a Mozart opera at the Estates Theatre in #Prague. So much history there & it's stunning.
Can't wait to see this 'fairytale castle' in person, in March. It's the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. #solotravel
This is what I get on iPhone only. Like that for a few weeks, I've tried several times. 1st time I've tried on iPad.
Our #elfontheshelf was mischievous tonight! Zip-lining & now this @elfontheshelf. He thinks he's really funny!
Oh those #elfontheshelf antics! Flew from stockings to baby gate when we were home! Ds6 was on a stake out to catch him move. No luck.
Our #elfontheshelf hung out on top of the tv all day with wiimote in hand.
Caught Devon on hidden camera. He was playing Just Dance 3 & dancing to Take on Me by A-ha, 80s elf! #ElfOnTheShelf

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