@nilerodgers Time moves fast right, this little poppet has just left school.
Good Times.
My pretty little things Prom make up is done ❤️
Prom day in our house.
@CorOfTheSUN Thankyou Johnny Happy Easter
Coincidence? I think not #leadersdebate #Muppet
Eyes closed photo
@12voltz beautiful morning here
No ellipse yet on my view but the birds are starting to get a little bit odd like they know
@disil429 @StripeeSocks happy Christmas both here's mine
@nilerodgers hey Nile did you get the Cousin IT job if not my daughter wants to be put forward ;D 2hrs time to dry
Oh it doesn't have to be correct it's more I'm saying it's Georgian husband says it isn't lol
Things that bother me part 1
Go Tom
@CorOfTheSUN oh yes, it's very soggy and autumnal, what about you?
@nilerodgers this made me smile
@nilerodgers look Nile your birthday made the @theipaper in the UK's birthday list :D
@PeteConnors as I said on IG about Monday urgh
Baby on Board
It was wrong
@disil429 @StripeeSocks good, I'm on holiday here
@CorOfTheSUN this is the sunset on the beach where I am my kids in front holding hands (two nights back)
@CorOfTheSUN will do, now I want ice cream, must go find some do you get Mr Whippy ice cream in the US?
I'm very proud of my ten year old for completing his Lego project about 9hrs work here -The Palace Cinema

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