@carjinjoe @joshclassenCTV You jinxed us in a good way!!
@carjinjoe @joshclassenCTV Ok you made me go upstairs
@OntarioBee @Honey_Delight @666canberra When it warms up there I hope your bees look like this. Good mngmnt at work
@ryan_batty Being an #Oilerzz fan led my kids to learning this gem.
@Sliv21 Funny, so do I.
8+ hours driving from #yeg to #yyc in a blizzard for 1st @PearlJam show.  Do it all over again Friday in Seattle!
Bring on the inlaws, I'm prepped! #Tistheseason
Ingredients are purchased, now to prep them for   @SPARKsportcon Xmas party. #tastymartinis
@TheDeviln3 @carjinjoe @sliv21 Time to restock.. #tryingtomakeitlast
Uh oh #tistheseason #worththegutache
Watching Pooh Bear with my daughter, neither one of us is overly motivated today #roughlife #lazydaysaregreat
Time to replenish the cellar.  #redwinesplurgefest
Time to make my Xmas list.  Been a good boy, time to be naughty #bigboytoys
After this past week, this is a nice change #healthyeating #liverdetox
War of 1812 history at my feet and I'm stuck in meetings #ratherbeatouristtoday
War of 1812 history at my feet and I'm stuck in meetings #ratherbeatouristtoday
Worked on my wife #hockeylife
Newest Canadian @RogueFitness monster, future member of  @SPARKsportcon?  Already wanting to do wall ball!
@Farm_kidprobs You can't wait for harvest to be complete, but a month later you're itching to get at it again.
@JimNorton I only thought you acted in shows with white goo and venereal diseases?
@smithpelly23 keep your head up man, Canada is rolling and you are going to be a force when your foot heals.
@TSNBobMcKenzie @tsnjamesduthie @rayferrarotsn See you're getting prepped for game day!

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