@mattiedog @trailerparkdogs @marshallsheldon bayou cupcakes
@mattiedog @trailerparkdogs @marshallsheldon bayou cupcakes
@mattiedog @trailerparkdogs @marshallsheldon bayou cupcakes
@marshallsheldon you think this’ll work for my glaucoma?
@pasikas new pic for you!
@pasikas here’s fuzzy picture of Kenshin for you
@marshallsheldon @trailerparkdogs @mattiedog I’m here…baking cupcakes as usual…
@marshallsheldon @mattiedog oh, hey, I wanted to ask you guys:
@Spencerteddy Happy Birthday!
@pasikas still plugging along. Did you see my minions?
@trailerparkdogs @Chanttilly_Lace @marshallsheldon @iamevan2 @LittleDunkin @mattiedog Happy #MinionWednesday!
@marshallsheldon @LittleDunkin @Chanttilly_Lace @trailerparkdogs @mattiedog just these
Cupcakes anyone?
@Spencerteddy here they are! Hello Kitty, Carrot Cake, and Chocolate-Mint
@Spencerteddy here they are! Hello Kitty, Carrot Cake, and Chocolate-Mint
@mattiedog I’ve done the Elmos but we might try some of the others!
@toranosuke_ama how nice of you to say! Yes, we have a small restaurant. She made a Unico cupcake; do you know Unico?
@toranosuke_ama I don’t know the manga; I’ll have to look for it! Girl made green tea petit fours for the restaurant
@marshallsheldon @MrBearAndRocky made green tea & chai petit fours today (supposed to be cherry blossom decoration)
@marshallsheldon @MrBearAndRocky I made one similar
@Spencerteddy do you know S’mores? This is a s’mores cupcake
@marshallsheldon @couchbears oh yes, ToPu & Kenshin are my best friends! (They did not scratch my eyeballs)
@trailerparkdogs @marshallsheldon @mattiedog @PushUpsnPaws @BaileytheDane yeah…Earth Day…

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