testings  #buienradar
Sarah look’n mighty fine this summer evening
My 30th birthday cake - Krispy Kreme donut and a match candle…functional AND delicious
Thanks for the new album @rushoffools…sounds great!
Storm rolling through
Working from the kitchen today…I mean office
Mom sent over my first driver's license pic circa 2000...I was the 6th backstreet boy
Bridge over Charleston harbor (or hahbah if you’re from
Music & miles (bonus points if you can read the odometer hint: my favorite series of numbers)
Announcing a new app in April, here's a peak at the logo
Took this yesterday at Mont Saint Michel, really cool place
Confession time! Just kidding I'd be in there all day...but seriously
Light alley found in France
Apparently the last bottle of syrup in all of France and holds about one serving #SyrupProhibition
Saint Maurice cathedral built in the 11th century, said to have had John the Baptists head in the middle ages
Ha! Found this sign at a locals pub in Angers, France
Trying to find the doorbell...and ladder
One more! head over heels people...it's like twilight, but with less lip biting...or love triangle
The Louvre with Sarah
Sunset behind the Eiffel Tower
First day in Paris with Sarah! Pro tip: don't eat the cheese unless you know what it is #LearnedTheHardWay
Leo wants attention
Fog at Breach Inlet this morning
Aaaand @johnmayer is on

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