Teddy Bear and his fursib Dixie Girl are in urgent need of foster or adoption.
Dixie Girl and her fursib TeddyBear are in urgent need of foster or adoption!
@wallasEkatt Here is the gift certificate!
Huckie and Mystery are pals too! #BlogPawtyPals
Nutmeggy is one of my best pals! EBlogpawtypals
Even the SAND CATS at the Salt Lake City Zoo love their pal!!! #BlogPawtyPals
Here's  a cute picture of my sisfur Nutmeg and her buddy Reggie! #blogpawtypals
@BlogPaws Here's me with my pal NUTMEG! So what if she's whacking me?  #BlogPawtyPals
@brutusthedane This is my human's shot of Capt. Brutus and his sisfur/pal Tessa!  #blogpawtypals
@clingycat Go Worm! Karma is our family's most Prolific iPawd artist.
Something fell in Becket's box.
I swiped Robin's Boppy pillow.
Cuddle time on a rainy night. Got to enjoy the loving while we have each other. Who knows how long that will be!
Cuddle Time!
What Nutmeg just did. Cat tree fell on Robin. She's ok!
Nutmeggy showing her true self!!  @ZackRabbit @EdnaAtNutro @BorisKitty
Maybe this one is better.  @katieboocat  @Meow_Girls
This is a pretty good view of Meggy being round and happy!
@Meow_Girls I do join in the playing. It's good to have a friend to play with, but I like peace & quiet mostly.
@Meow_Girls This is what Meggy does in my art room!
I win this round, Nutmeggy!
@NutmegTorby finds the vaporizer puzzling.
@henryandfriends Nutmeggy asked me to show you this picture, Henry.   @NutmegTorby
Nutmeggy says no working on the first day home!

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