Robin just made thi lovebird. he needs a friend.
Fw:New Message
I love my Robin.
This is Reggie helping our Robin get over the flu, or whatever it is.
CK and Robin without DSL
@NutmegTorby's getting in on the art scene with her own installation.
Mystery tried to eat UH's veggie fried rice!
@understandblue this is for you.
We have covered the cushion!
Karma stole a napkin.
Robin had brunch here.
I'm supervising the slipcover project. So far, so good. @tildatoo
I am supervising the slipcover project. so far, so good. @tildatoo
Here is my human wearing the bracelte, like she is right now. @Smokey8 @GeorgeTheDuck
This the flower arrangement I supervised and approved yesterday. The photo didn't capture the color well at all.
@Smokey8 Card set for #Dannypawty. Inspired by Japan: three maneki neko cards and a bunny!
Becket also too charge of opening the box we got from @BorisKitty and H2 are so NICE!
Thank you, @BorisKitty ! Becket opened the package!
My Robin got a cool shirt from @BorisKitty!!!!
My human and I worked all afternoon to hang our new shoji blinds. @DuchessCrabtree @NikePurrfectCat @katieboocat
Here I am in my NEW ROOM!
@purple_froggy This one's for YOU!
This is for The Girl.  @katieboocat

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