#nowplaying ♬ 'Abortion' - Lil Wayne ♪ * * headphones on max * 
@PrettyMichelleA and you reside where they do gospel graffitti ol #walkwithThelord faceass
But how far does this get you tho? Must've had a smart car
What is the reason for this type of heat?
I most def don't golf but I could never take a nigga ( white person/tiger ) serious with a #BWW golf club bag
RT @SanchezDVentura 50 points if you can guess where I'm eating for lunch!!! Lol >>>>>>> Here????
RT @james_mcdonald8 @Chicksdigthecut planking at it's finest worse. < by far ultimate plank of all time

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Just a humble hardworking dad that God blessed to look good!  y'all may think I'm conceited but your opinions aren't needed!


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