@Velodyne my bad these are the vQuiets I bought for the school they are great for autistic students for concentration
@Velodyne what is all this goodness? Did someone send me a pair of free Vtrues!?!?
@Velodyne it doesn't shut down it just says disabled.
@TwitchyTeam just saying
@CanonUSAimaging remember to NUMBER your batteries. It makes it easier to keep track of failing batteries
@GoodwillIntl BRILLIANT!!!
Cruz doing some artwork in his room
My son with his hot cocoa
@GonzoVice fuck dude that's nothing....
@SauronMario @daniellestaub I was gonna say this then figured out that's not a lot
@ryanjreilly  these are rubber bullets
@ryanjreilly  these are rubber bullets
@AkiraLane just saying my little mermaid!
@Kianna_Dior @kiki_daire @AkiraLane  @rebeccabardoux
@Cameron_Gray @thechairman123 they chafed their name and locked the account
@Cameron_Gray @thechairman123
@CIA #tbt ohhhh good times MACV-SOG waterboarding 
@GoDaddyHelp there’s actually two addresses there but you can’t see the second the to field doesn’t expand or scroll

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