@KiyIsJustKiy I don't make the rules
Me n the Bestest at my bday dinner
I'll take a better pic later. Pero here go the bday nails ☺
S/O to my wife  @BBNyce for the look out
RT @MsMicheleNicole @Losdad #whohurtyou
This song so goes for the pic i started RT @callmeikg #np rih "rehab"
I been getting gifts all day at work :)
All I wanted was some damn Italian wedding soup I had to settle for this struggle
And again!  

Is this a sign
That damn woman
Im freakn chocolate lmao RT @King_L_ @chocolateriver1 @DEFiiANT if she's chocolate I'm following her
I hear this song n it just gives me chills

That damn woman put a holt on my heart. Smh
I feel like a lil kid in sneakers at work right now. I left my work shoes in patty car -__-
Ret2go. Ugh
I had a steak for a king RT @steviejallday Just ate a big steak so its gonna take a lot for me to do work lol...
<~~~ geek with the Xmas music
Tha money shot lol
Ok maybe thisill work
O hey
My big boy
RT @_xBCx_ #Thethirst
I went ham. Literally wit the hammer lol. I'm stoppn

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