My tat that hopefully gets done this weekend coming up
Speaking of beatings.....
Gna b a long ass day in this lab
Heaven must be like this
I just want this
#creeps RT @Losdad Mafuckas following me on Instagram who following 100 people with 0 followers and no pics. Ol Android jumping the gun asses.
RT @ImJessSoFresh I'm deleting sheree from my fb. She's outta control
Shit like this creeps me out
Patty keeps tryna take my case
Steph posted a pic
@iseeWHYuh8 hehehe
All ima say is.....
RT @AboutAquarius #Aquarians have the best smile, because they smile with their heart
RT @sassi_redbone Bitch u mad??!!  Lol 

I dun pissed someone off this morning (╰_╯)#
@Buckets44 if yaw heffas go to my fav place in the world with out me I hope the fuck the entire meal up!

Love ya
RT @FlawdaBoi_B Ima stop  cursing
It's not hard to spot me. Only black girl that plays in the tristate area lol
Game schedule ~~>>
Best healthy shit I've had thus far
N good morning folk
RT @FlawdaBoi_B Ive only known dark skin women to cut up and make they own clothing
RT @MsMicheleNicole Yea I tried that shit, it was a fail.
RT @KiyIsJustKiy lmmfao!! RT @MsMicheleNicole #PreMeditatedSuicideTweet

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