Ashas thinks he's tough enough to take on the neighbor's standard poodle! He's probably lucky the fence got in his way!
Happiness is a rainy day working from home with a dachshund (or two) in your lap...a whole new meaning of 'laptop'!
It's not even out of the box yet and Pompeii is already sitting on her @litterkwitter... If only it were this #easy!
Chilly and rainy today in the PNW,  perfect for a lazy Sunday with plenty of napping ZZZZZzzzzz...
Chilly and rainy today in the PNW,  perfect for a lazy Sunday with plenty of napping ZZZZZzzzzz...
Belly rubs please!!!
Apparently Vitamin water appeals to many palates!
all Doxie parents own one of these, right? #lovemyhoovercarpetshampooer
How cute is this pen given to @tristianleigh by her friend? I want! :)
Now I lay me down to sleep, snuggling Doxies at my feet...
Hey I have those, just used them in fact! Yummy Doxie 'ears' RT @3daxs: Corn on the Daxie!
when my kids were little I would find Barbies and Legos in my bed... years later: different kids, different toys
@AMP2 @DREAMRescue @eizusdoow and here we have a team effort for the semi-colon!
Preparing Isabella and Ashas for our trip back home to Texas in November!
wiener corn...
Ashas resorts to using the roly-poly maneuver of cuteness! Resistance is futile! #imsuchasuckerformydachshund
Isabella awaits the outcome under the safety of cover...
Followup:In the light of day Ashas is attempting to use the Doxie 'look of shame' to distract me from holding a grudge
Isabella is observing a tribute to lazy Saturday! Zzzzzzzzzzzz
Meanwhile, Ashas seems oblivious to the fireworks. They're so loud I've no idea how he's sleeping thru them all?
Trying out Isabella's new Thunder Shirt and it's amazing! She's giving no attention to the hail of fireworks outside.
Look who's 5 today! Happy Birthday Isabella! So glad to have you in our lives!
Zombie Dog! BRAAAINS!!!

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