#Lagrange ep5: get your hands off my Muginami you damn dirty alien! #anime
13 Feb 2012 05:24

#Lagrange ep5: get your hands off my Muginami you damn dirty alien! #anime 

Well, things are progressing. Things are progressing nicely! For the most part this episode was still the same fluff that I don't really enjoy, but I do like Muginami's character, I liked her pretty much as soon as I saw her (it has hardly anything to do with the breasts). So I wasn't too happy with how she got treated at the end of this episode. But I'm jumping ahead.

Rinne no Lagrange is making a good effort to explain things, though it's hardly giving much away. Obviously there's a war, but the sides aren't exactly clear, and the circumstances definitely are not either. At best we know that who Muginami sides with, and who LAN ("Woof!") sides with are opposing factions. What exactly they're fighting over isn't totally clear either though. I'm not betting that the Vox are the goal, so much as they may be the means to an end.

It makes it especially admirable that Muginami is keeping things in perspective. Just because they're perceived enemies doesn't mean they have to fight. LAN as usual is the classic tight ass, and is running background checks left and right. I wasn't surprised that they chose to face their issues this episode.

What did surprise me was seeing the extra tall and cool-looking, Lord Vegimite (sorry, I'm just terrible at names), snatch her up by the face. Talk about cold-hearted rejection, that was a moment that seriously caught me off guard. So I guess that does justify Madoka's strangely harsh attitude towards him. I'm assuming it's one of those things where she can sense if someone has a good heart. Ugh! I still can't stand her.

Not a bad episode overall though, I suppose next week will be when I judge this series for real.

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