#VividredOperation ep3: Chesto! #anime
17 Feb 2013 08:05

#VividredOperation ep3: Chesto! #anime 

I'll keep most of these post quick and to the point, because I don't
think this is a show that merits getting too deeply involved.

Enter Sailor Jupiter! I kid! It's Wakaba Saegusa. And she's a super
serious character. The meeting between her and Akane is the stuff
people point to when they want to credit something to fate. A girl
innocently practicing her kendo out on the beach, when a cute little
magical girl is flying to school so as not to be tardy. They collide
(well, Akane collides with a shed to be literal), Akane runs away, and
Wakaba is left with egg on her face by some strict code of honor that
should only apply to people who actually believe in it!

Most of the rest of the episode is dedicated to the two of them
getting to understand each other. Though it's a tad weird that it
ends up being due to Wakaba having a bit of a crush on Akane's sister,
and on the two of them exchanging "gar" in wooden sword equipped beach
combat. It was actually pretty cool. I would recommend this show to
more people probably if it weren't for all the *ss and crotch on

And don't you know it? An Alone pops up right in the middle of their
duel, leading up to us getting a green magical girl. I guess it's
pretty much established that all you need is a strong bond of
friendship with Akane and she'll give you magical girl powers. But
despite another gorgeous transformation, we don't get her see to do
anything on their own, as the Alone is promptly super charged and
we're introduced to Vivid Green. Who just as quickly eliminates it.

It's nice that the episode got things out of the way in one episode.
We see a new character, their bond is established quickly, effectively
and in entertaining fashion. And we get to see everything that
character has to offer in combat, kinda. But personally, I'm looking
forward into meeting the hikkikimori that stays at home and watches
her class through a WALL-E looking camera. I don't know why, but I
think this show could use more weird. Even with the high level of
quirkiness this show already has, I think she has something
interesting to offer.

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