Check-in Station: Hunter X Hunter ep77: (a true biohazard! )
1 May 2013 15:06

Check-in Station: Hunter X Hunter ep77: (a true biohazard! ) 

Well, this is what I asked for. I love Hunter X Hunter because its many things. It's violent. It's clever. And at times, it's not only intense, but very dark. and thats the tone this episode specifically veers towards.

The Chimera Ants have really, truly become a threat now that they're being infused with human DNA, and are craving them, too. Kite and the others have no idea how behind they really are. While they're trying to find A human sized Chimera ant, there's already nearly a dozen that have hatched and more to come. And this talk of hatching a king is even more troubling...

If this episode does anything well, it spreads fear and dread. In one episode we see the loving siblings living their humble and happy lives together. In that very same episode, we see them snatched up and devoured. It's incredibly cruel and sad to me, and i generally love that stuff. It kind of reminds me of how old fairy tales were told, before Disney gave everyone the impression that these sorts of things had happy endings for everything.

I haven't read these chapters in quite a while, so maybe my next questions already have answers. But why are the chimera ants taking this turn now? When did they first get in contact with humans? How did the queen become so huge and intelligent? What is the special factor or factors that have lead to this explosive and soon to be disastrous evolution?

I'm not going to be trying to cover this series episode by episode. But I thought I'd bring this one up specifically because I remember it so well from the manga. This arc suffered so badly from all the stoppages in it. It seemed to take forever to progress. But at its core, I think this is an outstanding and extremely intense arc. And the upcoming main villain is so good. There's nothing I will enjoy more, than seeing this get the premium anime treatment.


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