#HappyNegativeMarriage ch1: this is some depressing sh*t, man! #pervy #manga
6 Jan 2014 11:19

#HappyNegativeMarriage ch1: this is some depressing sh*t, man! #pervy #manga 

What an oppressive mess!

Poor Sato Keitaro! From what I learn here, it seems like his happy
and content bachelor life has been marked for death, and there's
nothing he can do to save it. This manga wastes no time diving into
what it's about. Sato is a very happy and content newly minted thirty
year old bachelor. He has a very good job, cool knuckelhead bachelor
friends and a decent pad that he shares with them. He's basically
going through life with only his own responsibilities and no worries.
And behind his back, his mother has worked with his boss to get him
sucked into an arranged marriage interview. Ugh! How formal! How
heartless! How embarrassing!

It's bad enough that this is something he doesn't want, but just
entering these things come with a stigma. He's already a loser -
socially anyway (I won't make fun of someone with a good job in this
economy), he doesn't want to look like he's given up on life as well.
There's no escape from this situation either, everything about this is
tied to his job. He very well can't blow off the meeting. His only
respite is that the chick he's meeting - is gorgeous!


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This hits a little too close to home... #manga #HappyNegativeMarriage ch1: this is some depressing sh*t, man! #pervy #manga #HappyNegativeMarriage ch1 blog pic #manga
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