#Katanagatari ep10: who would've thought a blade-less sword could be so beautiful? anime
19 Oct 2010 16:59

#Katanagatari ep10: who would've thought a blade-less sword could be so beautiful? anime 

First of all, it appears Kyotoryuu, Shichika and all is a deviant blade. Not really a big surprise in my book given that it's been pretty well hinted at for awhile now. I'm with Shichika for now, "so what? Who cares?" He and Togame are near the end and they can't afford to be reflective now. Though it is kinda funny how Togame ended up starting from number thirteen to one and so on, as opposed to the one to twelve she thought.

This was a very reflective and dialogue heavy episode, even for this show. I found the holy man's conclusion of pointless battle to be an interesting one. According to him, he was the mirror that reflected back the absolute truth that no one wanted to see. And I think Shichika did pretty well considering he's not the smartest guy you'll come across.

I was hoping Togame would be less of a mystery after this episode, but that didn't really come to pass. We learn a little, but her complete motivations as well as what exactly went on and why during that crucial night are still unclear. Maybe someone else watching has figured it out, but I'm not nearly as observant.

On the sidelines, my beautiful Princess Hitei had a very interesting but cryptic conversation. Something brought a smile to Emonzaemon's face which is VERY interesting and Hitei is the usual tease with her dialogue. I couldn't tell if she was telling the truth or being coy and not saying much of anything at all. That is the way things are with her afterall. I've learned to live with that.

The next episode should be interesting (as the all are) since I believe Houou and Emonzaemon have a confrontation coming up. My poor Maniwani Penguin looks in bad shape at the end of this so that's all I'm basing all of this on. I suppose Houou could've cut him through the influence of the sword, but I seriously doubt that. Like Hakuhei he doesn't seem like someone who would be controlled by such an object.

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