#OnePoundGospel: it's all about puking & love baby. #anime
26 Apr 2011 19:07

#OnePoundGospel: it's all about puking & love baby. #anime 

That wasn't bad. I believe this OVA was all about commitment and Kosaku's complete lack thereof. You would think someone who was a pro boxer could control his gluttony a little better, but this guy couldn't keep food out of his mouth. If he was training I'm sure the dude would be big as a house.

That said, it was a nice story about your friends believing in you even when you didn't believe in yourself. I would've liked for several things to be played up more, like the faux romance between the almost nun and Kosaku. I'm sure it was doomed from the jump, but I would've enjoyed seeing it used more whether the results be tragic or not. I needed more of a variety of drama from my shows and this one seemed to be all out weight control.

Watching and reading Hajime no Ippo, I know that weight control can be played up for drama, but it's hardly the most compelling aspect of boxing. And the fight seemed like such a dramatized afterthought.

In the end, the story succeeds in that it gets me to care if Kosaku succeeds. And makes me wonder if after the story is over, could he pull himself together and make hiimself a respectable boxer? Though it comes with a limited recommendation, I did enjoy this little OVA. I think I'll have to pick up more one-shots as I go. Besides, the scene with the drunk nun was more than enough for me to remember this by.

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