Macross #DYRL: love interrupted by war, war interrupted by love. #anime
28 Apr 2011 22:05

Macross #DYRL: love interrupted by war, war interrupted by love. #anime 

This movie comes with a strong WTF factor, I can't imagine how confused someone would've been near the beginning of this if they hadn't seeen the movie. That said, this is probably my favorite incarnation of Macross so far. Not because it's so damn pretty (for its time). But because it came with a minimum amount of the frustration that the series had and it amplified the romantic aspects of the story. This was acceptable love triangle in my opinion.

Some characters did get a bit shafted, Kakazaki for one. Britai and Max didn't get to display as much awesomeness as they did during the series, but I sure enjoyed this version of Max's skirmish w/ Miria compared to the TV series' "knife fight of courtship". Roy got a less romantic, but more comprehensible death compared to the "death by fruit salad" demise he got in the series. And I barely had to deal with HIM at all during the movie.

My highest rated Macross series so far. And I highly recommend it. Just keep the kids away. As my collage will demonstrate, there is a decent level of 80's gore in this one. Other than that, badass and romantic, making it an amazing combination and a very fun movie.

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#KamiNomi S2 ep3: oh Haqua, you dirty liar.  Your little white lie turned into an amorphous mass. #anime Macross #DYRL: love interrupted by war, war interrupted by love. #anime #Shiki ep9: Damn!  They took her by force and finished her off!  Gangsta! #anime
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