#Gosick ep15: so Victorique & Grevil's dad was a fool back then, wonder if he's still one now?  #anime
1 May 2011 07:03

#Gosick ep15: so Victorique & Grevil's dad was a fool back then, wonder if he's still one now? #anime 

You should've seen the look on my face when I found out Leviathan was ni-- a
black man. *whew!* How many of these stories have I seen where the black guy
gets screwed over? So the Saubure monarchy was a scheming, racist elitist
group? No real surprise given the attitudes of European colonialism back in
those times. Oh well, he lived reasonably well while he could I suppose, though
personally I wish he had taken that gold somehow and hauled ass back to his home
country instead of trying to do something noble and ultimately futile like
trying to influence the king. I say he more distracted the dude than influenced

We also got to meet Victorique and Grevil's father, Albert when he was young.
And he was quite the dreamer, schemer and fool. I get the feeling that he
hasn't really changed so much as toned down over the years. It also seems that
because of Leviathan he decided to sire a child with Victorique's mother. That
seems like a somewhat strange thing to say as you die by Leviathan. Maybe he
had a vision as he was delirious from pain and the near onset of death.

Back to the present, I thought it was pretty impressive that Victorique solved
that mystery. Leviathan made the traps obvious, but not the solutions. And I'm
amazed that no one survived long enough to just say that you should just NOT
TOUCH the flower.

-"Flower poison!" "Pointy thing in flower!" "Flower kill!" or even, "it's a

Then again maybe those other faux alchemists and magicians were too greedy to
give up the trick even as they were dying.

Well I'm just glad that we're potentially moving onto the main storyline and
arc. There has been a lot of slow, relaxing and reflective episodes and if
you're not in love with this show like I am then maybe that might be getting on
your nerves. Now then, I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing this show move
forward. I wonder how long it will take for Victorique to be kidnapped? Oh you
know it's going to happen!

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