Happy Birfadays Human2 from TX. @BorisKitty
Super Edgar!
We halped unwrap da gifts.
Ooooo wots in dis prezzie bag?
I got a sweet new pair of jammies for xmas! N a mini me :)
Nom nom nom. I habbin a nommy cheezeburger cupcake. Yum. @OnebyOneInc #BINGO
I got a new hat.
Waitin for BINGO to start. U finks i got a chance agin dem bingo pros?
Next stop was at 2MillionDogs.org. 
Dey r committed to discovering links between human/canine cancers.
Speeding on over to check out Resq pets in my cool @Toki_Poki car.
Pets Add Life. They sure do! *hugs* @petsaddlife
Hanging with adoption kittehs at the San Antonio pet expo with @toki_poki.
Looky. It iz Edgar of the Corn.
I gonna hop on off now fanks fur a great #keepfits @HenrySteiff @OllyTed @marshallsheldon
@HenrySteiff I brought a cake to share wif all at #keepfits
Did @HenrySteiff sez sumfin bout snacks? #keepfits @OllyTed @marshallsheldon
Toe touchy accident durin #keepfits @OllyTed @HenrySteiff @marshallsheldon
Cool down stretches wif Pilates ball. #keepfits @HenrySteiff @OllyTed @marshallsheldon
Jump jump jump. Doin jumpin jacks. #keepfits
Stretch stretch stretch. #keepfits
It iz dental health month. Do u brush ur pets teeth?
Keep ur pet smilin wif regular dental health check ups n noms @greeniesbrand
Dreidel dreidel dreidel I made u out of fluff! Happy Hanukkah everybuddy. @gromekcat @jessicakorman @Staffpurrson

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