I REALLY do love my Landlord, he goes out his way to make sure I'm happy + safe,we need more LL's like him :))
OMG I got home from a longgg day to find this been delivered #GORGEOUS bag was handmade  + posted to me within 24hours!!!!!! Thanx + shoutout to @fevzi_style x x x x
I forgot my mums bfs bday yest :(((((( LOL
#Squat #Skullcrush lol
On the way to Loaded HQ..... Tour De Whore!!! :D
Yayyyyyyyyy all fuckin finally done + PINKED up + tanned yawwwwwn
My gf Immys quads.. Pure lean muscle right there #HOT that's hard work.. We dont BS in our  #FitFam
Online feeling delicate lool x x x
Bastard gym bag follows me everywhereeeeeee atm hate being stalked as it is hahhaha!!!!!
<Fuckinnnnn finally finished tan n nailz 4am :'(
Hehhe :D
Order in bulk to save time hahahahhahah @ Sway Bar Covent Garden xxx
Singing my FAV song "All I ask" was waitinggggggg for this song lool x
My gorjus gf took me to theatre today to see Phantom of opera loveddd ittt!!! :)
#Unsure won't last anywayyy hahahhahahahha
On at 10pm x x
YessSsSSssssSsS <3 lol xx
My rate is actually £11 so I'm gunna have to tell this guy I don't do discounts :((( LOL :D
Don't like hearing bad things said, Esp by a nobody about other girls... We STICK together in this tough biz!
Bk on at midnight x x x x
< Tryna work on Traps/Delts upper back allll fuckin week #Frustrating #Overtrain lol

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