Racism stops with me. Seriously, it really does. And yes, that is actually my middle aged wrist. #ncoss
You know that 'new' approach to #homelessness called prevention? Yeh, check out this newspaper article March 1989.
Ok, time to tweet this again. A sculpture titled 'Politicians discussing global warming'. #qanda
Yes I'm at an ice hockey game. Go Sydney Bears!! vs Adelaide. #sydneybears
Minister Roberts suggests he likes the 15% affordable #housing target. But cannot commit at this point.
Great crowd before it's started! Affordable #Housing Forum organised by #SydneyAlliance. WE WANT AFFORDABLE HOUSING.
Great #womensmarch in Sydney today. It's 2017 & we're still asking for the same things we were in the 1980s. #sigh
A brief summary of #housing policy in Australia. #auspol
Great Uncle, Captain Clive Connelly. Killed at Gallipoli 1915. #ANZACDay #LestWeForget cc @54bear
I love a good #mathematics cartoon. #SecretNerd #MaybeNotASecret
The size of the pictures of the leader are in direct proportion to the brutality of the dictatorship. #equations
Look! Years before women were shamed for being fat, we were shamed for being thin. Thanks @WeTheVoters2013 for pic
Have I misunderstood the point of weather forecasts? Aren't they supposed to tell us before it happens? #sydney
Troubling on so many levels. Will the next world war begin on Facebook? (Excerpt from today's #SMH)
Troubling on so many levels. Will the next world war will begin on Facebook? (Excerpt from today's #SMH).
Donald Trump's to do list. Sad. #uspol #Trump
The #SMH has either failed to spell check or Centrelink is now also preventing dogs from speaking up.
Great pic from #smh. The UK PM is clearly horrified (in that subtle British way) to be standing next to him.
Thought I'd stream some republican convention to see what's going on. My best guess is #Trump must be speaking
Douglas Newton makes an important point about the #Anzac spirit. Thanks to @honesthistory1 for the link
Remembering great uncle Captain Clive Connelly, killed in the futility at Hill 60, #Gallipoli 28/8/15. #ANZACDAY
This is so true. #homelessness #housing
Dear SMH, actually neg gearing is just one tool used to keep prices high & lock low income folk out of buying 1 home
I believe #negativegearing gives a benefit to people with means & sadly, hasn't created affordable rental #housing.

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