Hope you're staying in tonight. @IFC is on a premiere bender! #Portlandia #ToddMargaret
Just lost a quarter bet to a black kid who looks like  @AaronBondaroff
Workaholics at the Jamaican airport
Good news: I don't have appendicitis. Bad news: No heart either.
CTscan this motherfuckers!
Welcome to the world of AIDS. #HumbleBrag
This guy just came up with a great idea: "Boner of the month" @SpencerRoth
Why do my friends still leave their phones w me when they leave the table?
Just introduced 2 New Yorkers to poutine at La Belle Provence. They apologize for talking smack.
Another thing Boomers do that annoys me.
Kind of regretting putting so much smallpox in the stuffing.
As usual, finished Thanksgiving dinner and all the Indians pass out. No wonder we got their land.
Having kids is punk rock
Finally the truth about 9-11.
You are about to enter an @Movember zone.
Broadway's shut down #OWS
Plugged your Death shirt on Fox last night @EternalCombust
Look who's in the NY Post #WindyCityHeat
When you're hungover, God is like a cop with a flashlight.
This is the fastest I've ever walked in my life.
Garfield, Gary Coleman, @anncoulter and me.
The worst part of divorce is losing your mother-in-law.
Going to see Scottish band (Jetpacks) in q culturally inappropriate costume.
I am deeply offended by this costume.

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