For medicinal purposes only
Off out to be a pirate
@RedMonkeyLa pirate party
Looks like the world is being dominated by  @ZakkWyldeBLS

Though we knew this years ago ☺
@BarbiWylde @JohnRiot  @ZakkWyldeBLS
I thought you where married to a "Rock God"
@Jasonoberly and the back
@Jasonoberly here's my very first effort
Not much of a B'day pressie but thought u might like these
@ZakkWyldeBLS you probably get asked this by millions of people but any chance of a follow. Nikita already does
Another pic from last night
Sleep study begins
Woo hop
♬ 'Rock 'N' Roll Nigger' - Marilyn Manson ♪

@KiWi_DrAGon lmao

♬ 'gilded cunt' - Cradle Of Filth ♪
♬ 'death rattle' - Pantera ♪
♬ 'miracle man' - Ozzy ♪
@CoreyTaylorRock more proof
Love your music by the way
I'm looking at getting one to go with my rocker patch set
Does anyone have a pic of what the BLS Doom Crew back patch looks like on a jacket
♬ 'Manet sorgfull igjennom skogen' - Dimmu Borgir ♪
It's so hot today I had to wear my two piece
I do need to get a bottom string one day
♬ 'Underneath The Surface' - Scar Symmetry ♪

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