Apfel Pfanekukken at Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio #foodgasm
Meetings. Like a Boss.
Thank Aggie created Freebirds 4 bringin u best burritos & mimosas!
Marrow, Frito "Mutha Fuckin'" Pie, & PBR - only in America. We kick ass.
You iPhone peeps need serious therapy #PhoneIsNotAToy
Dinner party at Hugo's - Red Snapper special, etc. nice
The Tarjeta Roja at Hugo's - Sotol, Campari, 43 Liquer & Bitter Orange Soda
Chapulines - grasshoppers as my appetizer at Hugo's - a central Mexico delicacy
Gr8 tacos I made: pollo asado / grilled sausage / cilantro / queso fresco Cc @foodnetwork
Cynar - this bitter is flavoured artichoke bitter - deelish at @anvilhouston cc: @Meloshi
Averna Amaro - this may be my Fernet alternative - at @anvilhouston Cc: @Meloshi
Martini time at bitters class at @anvilhouston - THIS is continued education I love.
Starting with the Negroni - hooahhh
When I write content, I count on @HailMerrySnacks vegan / gluten-free raw goodness
The @HailMerrySnacks Macaroons (Blonde) are the best vegan/gluten-free snackies!
The @HailMerry vegan & vegeterian raw lemon tart = Most.Delicious.Thing.Ever.
C'est le bon temp rouler w/ @reinventingjess - red beans & rice at Treebeards
The @Altondale & dined well @ElRealTexMex - gr8 lunch specials, retro-priced and deelish
The Rockin' B in Aransas Pass shows u can class it up in the country - deelish
The Rockin' B - time 4 happy hour is every hour in Aransas Pass
4-star duck, 0-star beer #ThatsHowIRoll
Time for duck - Donald never tasted so good!
Even when I dine 4-star, stay true to the #SEC and go "Old Chub" brew - Cc: @banditref
Time for a cheese platter and oysters at Branch Water

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