Event website still shows graphic of Trump in attendance. Oopsie. http://www.1stdistrictgopwi.com/ff.html
It wasn't the only time but he stopped after I kicked him in the nuts. Cornered me in the tricky bars.  #NotOkay
Cry havoc, and release the cats of war! #RapeublicanNominee #NotUpForGrabs
@ESQPolitics And poor little Ivanka's words come back to haunt her.
.@realDonaldTrump #ucanttouchdis #NotUpForGrabs  @amjoyshow
.@chrislhayes Someone else will have to put hair on this. #NotUpForGrabs #MyFatherIsNotAGrouper
Ladies, let's use our pussies to #DumpDrumpf. Honorary ladies, you can, too. #NotUpForGrabs
@Patbagley Whew. Just realized you were live-cartooning. I was on a fruitless search for Bandit biting Race Bannon.
@kfury Dammit, need to get some snacks. Off-brand cheese balls sound like just the thing.
My feed is full of real Trump, fake Trump, and cartoon Trump. Time for a break. #HatShaming
Instead of #FatShaming how about #HatShaming #SuperLyinFragileRacistWhinyBraggadocious @corydoctorow #DebateNight
Seen on Facebook by Jeffrey Roscoe, hashtag Paul Katz. #SuperLyinFragileRacistWhinyBraggadocious
Screenshot for @chrislhayes
@RadioFreeTom Its possible Obama goaded Trump into it but @_RoxaneRoberts thinks not. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/i-sat-next-to-donald-trump-at-the-infamous-2011-white-house-correspondents-dinner/2016/04/27/5cf46b74-0bea-11e6-8ab8-9ad050f76d7d_story.html
Look back and laugh again at Pres. Obama's #CorrespondentsDinner smackdown of The Donald. https://m.youtube.com/watch?ebc=ANyPxKoAgA9g-Qhe9OiiwZxhYl5UytnSffmrHPGoKa9t8GfMtKjDIcQCBXqzuruQPpU4OFqet0T3Bxm8dYwdwiFB3MxikcjZBw&v=k8TwRmX6zs4&time_continue=333
This won't make the NBCSN highlights show. Well played, French pranksters. Well played. #TDF16
With his pal Kim,  @LastWeekTonight
For God's sake, Trump as Marilyn Monroe.  @LastWeekTonight  #TrumpColoringBook
Thats @RepDuckworth in this status update from a friend. Go Tammy!

Thats @RepDuckworth in this status update from a friend. Go Tammy!

@93XRT Really great news. My lovely cat Pearl came from a no-kill shelter but she ended up at Buddy Foundation
Yelp's latest iOS app update easily Trumps old version.... Well played, Yelp. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain
Pearl on her perch. #catbreak

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