#Depression hurts; don't suffer alone. #SuicideHotline 1-800-273-TALK #mentalheath
Be Weird  
Be Random                                 Be Who You Are...
Life has no remote control...
Ħ@℘℘¥ Ħ@ʟʟøẘεεη
Autism Didn't Stop Them ....
Never Underestimate Anyone With Autism
"A friend knows when you need a Pepper..." ~Dr Pepper 
Single? The new thing is having a younger boyfriend. Relax...your boyfriend hasn't been born yet.
Marriage does not guarantee you will be together forever, it's only paper. It takes...
@LoneStarTxGaL What is this?
Enjoy Your Youth:
Our struggles makes us stronger...
Challenges are what makes life interesting...
If you are always trying to be normal...
Always laugh when you can...
..,And why such a select few people in your life can mean more than the world to you. /via @MoveMeQuotes
If olive oil is made from olives; what is baby oil made of?OMG!
You'll never be...
CHOCOLATE is the ANSWER; Who cares what the question is...
What Does The M Stand For In M&Ms?

It's amazing what can be done for little animals now...
Smile at life, because they are the example. 
Happy Friday! http://moby.to/vj271i /via @LauRenArren
Smile at life, because they are the example. 
Happy Friday!
B/c everything we say & do is the length & shadow of out own souls, R influence is determined by the quality of our being. ~Dale Turner

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