Tall grass stems with a sunny view on a beautiful fall afternoon last week.
Clouds obscuring Mt. Elmore.
Favorite daily post-workout breakfast drink. Mmm. Happy Friday, all!
Late fall - a little, very cold bee explores these bright purple & red echinacea flowers.
This afternoon's sunshine coming through the forest, yay! Late fall is awesome.
Tiger piglets? - this is the best! I love this.
Tiger piglets? - this is the best! I love this.
Sun blasting through the trees now that the leaves are gone - hurrah!
Garden shed, late fall.
Mt. Elmore under dawn clouds at sunrise... golden brown corn in the farm fields...
Whoa, straight overhead! A big blue sky suddenly appears.
Thick layers of fast moving black & white storm clouds - is that a crack of blue sky I see, far, far away?
Mountain river in late fall - beautiful bare branches and a bit of orange foliage.
In the woods along the river. #running #trails
Mountain view on a grey day - some foliage color hanging on - dark green spruce line clearly visible now!
Last light breaks through cloud cover over distant southern Mansfield Range.
Beautiful late fall - last of the red leaves above rushing mountain river. Pic by @steveames, out #running #trails
Past peak, but still peaceful and pretty. The Pinnacle.
Red foliage hanging on! In the intermittent sunshine today.
Meanwhile the sun is trying to light up the valley below. Good morning!
8:35am - sunrise over the ridge. 3 hours later than in the spring!
A riot of dawn clouds over Worcester Range.
Icicles! 1st of the season! Dawn skies from the top of Mt. Mansfield. Beautiful pic by Josh Matta. http://unofficialnetworks.com/sunrise-hikes-worth-46808/
Pink roses in fall. Love them. #garden

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