@PhoebePurr @HenrySteiff @monkeymoochie broken? #keepfits
@Jemmychew I saw this and thought of you:
@Millie_Dog he lasted a long time before a vet visit! Hope he'll be ok!
@ComeOutNeville no you are not!
@TourGuideTed @KerDunkedunk @BooBooBearGreen @JezzerBear @caseymarie7 think it's bear arms.
@IggyGEMMA @RemydogIG @Emmett_dog @mandy1965 @Grandma_Bobbins you gotta teach her!
@EllieandEdmond @TourGuideTed @JezzerBear are you suuuuuuure?
@PhoebePurr @Lillington @JezzerBear @henryandfriends LOL.
@brave_indy good wake up routine. This also works:
@oldgreys @brave_indy tulip also does it sitting up like a lady.
@JustAnotherTrnd happy birthday to pop!!!!
@JustAnotherTrnd @LilyLuWhoT @FurKidMom @Bea_Bells Easter egg hunt you say?
@Deadlysecret007 @JezzerBear roobibs is very brave!
@Deadlysecret007 @JezzerBear lol. I like to pretend I'm a shark.
@IamDieselBear @Pete_Bear07 @YellowstoneNPS
@GazeHoundAstrid @ElmoDGreyhound @helo_the_dog cone flowers?
All this talk of teddies & many having birthdays today made me wanna cuddle mine. *seeing spots* #DarkRoomBRIGHTFlash
@EllieandEdmond @Storm_Bear_Bill do you know Dory? She can probably teach you whale! ;)
@Bigwillyplonka oh oh! He's related to my Tulip! #ghpedigree
@DaisyTheGrey @EvaGreyhound oh boy! A relative! Pic would be great! Here!
@DaisyTheGrey Tulip's #GHPedigrees

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