Join us as we celebrate @cesar_paparazzi's official Bday Bash @ #SAGE w/ @DjKazaa in the mix! Lets go! #sagewasted
F*ck U Microsoft!!
About to cause damage!!
Class 'bout to start
@DjKazaa My wallpaper takes yours out.
I seriously need WiFi
Hmm, it's either this or "Paid Dues".
Shannon Brown Authentic Jersey( not replica ) Brand New.
They WOULD crash into my bro's complex #smh
Have every #007 game but one.
My COD Playercard symbol!!
Me against the World. Tonight   11pm [Sharp]. PSN: JPRO-X
1 of 2 games!!! COD: Black Ops next week.
Lmfao #CostumeFail
Thank god ;)
Official logo for Miley's theme
There is no fkn way im sleeping wit this inside my house. Pinche mona del demonio.
Are u fkn kidding me?!
About to play a classic game that started the FPS franchise. #007
Is it Monday yet?
Dodgers win!!
Who remembers the Noid! (Dominos Mascot)? Lol. #reminiscingthe90s

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