Lying on the floor, counting the bumps on the ceiling. Yup. I am tired today
@SwingerWifeinFL this
Wow, that was the worst ham steak I have ever tried. I like it hawaiian style too. Sorry, kinda graphic
@DeathStarPR what's the verdict?
Makes sense...
@DirtyLola was my FAV
I swear!
Who remembers The Maxx?
I love more than half of these!
Imagine if they didn't let Louis Pasteur do his research b/c people felt bad about calves.
I always wondered why we needed the barb wire around my work. To keep the vicious animals out.
Oh! That makes more sense!
So true.
Haha! Need more laughs.
Stopped at a rest stop this morning. Yes, I am a child... #420
Silly face to distract kids while taking this picture. I don't think Tweety has the same meaning...
@iLikeGirlsDaily I've got the same shirt! Haha!
I hate stupid puppy dogs but message is right... Definitely the last part
Heroes in black capes!
Yes. I know I need to learn this.
Maybe more of this could help me.
I'm sure a few of you can relate.
Good for JCP!

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