I do have rather trashy wag nails though.
Oh Kermieeee
Me and Benjamin Orr sucking on some lollipops I kinda like to imagine this music with it http://youtu.be/VGNwXq6vPoI
Here's my hair solo while @ElliotEastonEE guitar solo touches me in special places.#thecars #doublelife #sexyguitar
Message from my dad this morning. Haha. ( one of my many disrespectful nicknames for him is Old fuck of the forest)
Starting the day on a cosmic one, man, yeah. #kingcrimson
@ElliotEastonEE I'm going out tonight!! 'Let's go' was the soundtrack to this vibe
Smell that!!!
Mmm. Where does one wrinkly flesh end and the other begin ?!?!
@CrouchEndNails I wanna see more nude colors to choose from. Loving the gold I chose today though #bling
So here's my butt... ( did a lovely shoot with my pal John swannell, luckily it was warm 🌞)
Thayt vayn's reallll purdy
@Dombelina hehehehehehe
@mrnickharvey hahahahahaha
#dubsmash #weirdscience #titties
Hey! Here's a picture of me nonchalantly eating a banana in an unladylike manner #random
It's pretty major!For some reason.I'm not embarrassed to show you.But I'd have DIED!!If I'd have walked out like that
Good job I noticed at the last second before leaving the house. #arse
And my butt
Me and Wet T-shirt fun for Tank magazine a little while ago...
@DeliciouslyElla Thank you so so much for your delicious recipes Ella. Your Christmas menu is awesome
Off on a casting

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