Look @ the little cutie I found running across me yard ? Do u see him? Hes adorable.
I have my dollar. Do u have urs?
Here r the kids.
Our glasses. Lunas mine and maddies.
This is what the cuties and me r drinkin
Can't wait to get the iphone.Sexy case<3
my favorite cookies everrrr.
These r something to die for.
My holiday tree.
This is how I roll. Total techville.
Best friend everrr miriam.Lovee herr
Natural curls + this = beautiful curls<3
The Tree  <3
Me near bryant park. <3<3<3
The tree in rockerfella centerr.<333
A sneak peek @ macys beautiful windows.
The ornament I createdd <3
O the bus with Anna <3 NYC babyy<3
New coach satchel.<3
Finally time to get back my tan <3
Amanda and Erin's xmas card. Love them<3

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