@JaneyMackWriter #LilBitFunny
You think my dog cares about robots in the house? #DidNotEvenLook #Pitbull
@EmilyMiller your book video is blocked on YouTube.
#LilBitFunny @JaneyMackWriter
@DIRECTVNowHelp Hi. I get this error when trying to use my DirectTV Now login to A&E app. The error IS from DirectTV Now.
@walmart this is a GREAT way to compete with @Amazon! $AMZN $WMT #Sarcasm
@JaneyMackWriter #LilBitFunny if you GET it.
#LilBitFunny @JaneyMackWriter
@gabstaz Execute order 66! Large bushel of steamed crabs!
@JaneyMackWriter I’m so hungry that I ordered a Domino’s Pizza! It just arrived.
@ElizabethPrann tell D to enjoy his 100 days!
@JennyAFox4 great costume idea for a baby! “Deviled eggs”
@jschultzf3 @fauziarani Wow! I have $AMZN! Never expected this! Jim! Jim!
@DSIG_Shelby This year “Fraaaaa-Jill-Leh” will be Live! You watch every year. #ScutFarkus
@JennaLeeUSA I like this one the best because it’s the only one in which you’re smiling.
@JaneyMackWriter 10k investment in bitcoin 7 years later is worth…….@jschultzf3
@melvyl my first modem was like this and we used cassette tapes for the analog “save”
@JaneyMackWriter #NoHeDidENT #RaisedBet
My last offer……until my ADD kicks in again.
My last offer……until my ADD kicks in again.
No can do. Now, I must go for your weakness in this short video:

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