Boys in the A-Team van off to NYC for the US Open tennis and a night out. 2 days golf played, 2 to go.
The warm up before tomorrow!  @JRChallenge1!
Chef Byron spoiling the lads!  @JRChallenge1 is missing  @matt9dawson and  @Yoners1
@JRChallenge1 has begun! Long Island Ice Teas flowing! Boys all in town after long flights.
With @RichPorter78 on the way to the @JRChallenge1. Looking forward to a week with my best mates.
@IanJamesPoulter The only graphic arsenal fans should worry about is top right! 3 days left on transfer window deadline
Just made an ace on 11th hole in pro am!! 8th of my career. Always a weird feeling when you see it disappear!
Saturday night at Albany...
Where are you?
I am an #actionist

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