Barcode 0219946000856
Photo of hard white plastic attached.
Card no: 9826 13580 21043 48764
Inverness store
@DrEvansWilliams hi. Thought you may be interested to see flyers :-)
St. Clements Practical autism videos: free exclusive preview, Inverness 16th March.
See flyer for more info & pls RT
Homework complete :-)
Best thing so far - Artlink display. Worst thing: the worlds loudest hand-driers.
Pride of place in my daughters room #Indyref2
The smallest did a pumpkin design too :-)
Daughters pumpkin
Something to cheer me up
from daughter.
Sparkly, shiny loveliness. Until I went into sensory overload & friend had an incident with glass table : oops
@aspie_ranto this advertised in AU
@AMinorMuddle this?
Small girls homework - Viking shield.
Daughter has started early on the Christmas decorations.
These spelling words are harder than I expected :-/
(Age 7)
Almost home & it's beautiful blue skies here.
Missing #Autscape & looking forward to next year.
Photo 2
 (19/7th coach C 1st class 07L)
Dirty bed drop down tray.
Photo 1 - not nice. (19/7th coach C 1st class 07L)
@CalSleeper dropped something & put my hand under the bed to pick it up blerghhh
No way is this '1st class' cleaning
An afternoon of bags & flags 

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